Media Release -- September 2010

The board of directors for the Southern Idaho Land Trust has voted to donate $18,000 to assist the city of Twin Falls with the reseeding of Auger Falls after the catastrophic fire of July 22. The funds will be used to reseed the area with species native to the Snake River Canyon.

“The community has a golden opportunity to begin the conversion of the Auger Falls property from cheatgrass and noxious weeds to native species that afford more wildlife habitat and fire prtoex. Getting the Auger Falls area seeded before this coming winter is of tremendous importance,” said SILT President Dr. Jack Kulm of Jerome.. Plus, this effort will help keep sediment from running into the river.”

In addition, the board has agreed to donate $10,000 to assist in a project in which the Twin Falls Canal Company and the Balanced Rock Soil Conservation District and SILT are working together to improve water quality northeast of Buhl. This particular project involves developing a series of ponds that will form wetlands to filter sediment from the I-Drain coulee that drains into the Snake River. This project will also provide habitat for wildlife that benefits from wetlands. The money from SILT augments a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

“These projects are only two of the water quality improvement projects that SILT has supported through donations,” Kulm said “As a conservation group, we see it is our responsibility to work toward improving water quality in the Magic Valley region.”

SILT’s primary mission is encourage and oversee the preservation of farm and ranch land and open space through conservation easements for the enjoyment of present and future generations. So far, SILT has eight conservation easements that add up to (955) acres.